About Threes Steps in Cyber Heaven

What is!?

About the concept of “Three Steps of Cyber City” What if Heaven is in a Cybercity? In my definition, the cyber city is a blurry concept. It reflects my inner self and my imagination in reality. I hope cyber city may come one day, like the Kingdom of God, but it doesn’t. Before the upside-down of the Kingdom of God, chaos appear everywhere in my city. Even the darkest moment never end, hope will resound one day at the bottom of my heart. All tracks reflect my thought to my home and Christian reflection. “The Divine Temptation” illustrates, the temptation is not bad at all. Because of temptation, whatever it is personal and social, it gives us a chance to mediate who we are, what’s our purpose of life. Put simply, this track is my mediation of temptation of Christ in the bible.

“Darken Hallelujah” penetrates how hypocrites act in daily life especially Christians and churches. They speak louder than action. They sing hallelujah at Sunday service with lip service. When my home city starts to chaos, they pretend like a peacemaker. Their heart is dark, and never admit they are a sinner and still sinned to all aspect. For example, comment adultery, support the totalitarianism and defraud offering. That’s why they are singing the darken hallelujah in their heart.

“The dark side of my soul” was inspired by the 16-century poem “The Dark Night of The Soul”. It was written by Catholic saint John Of The Cross. It is about a spiritual crisis in the journey toward union with God. The final spiritual destination is about embracing our darkness. It’s because God is God and it is unknowable. Only blinding faith leads us to God, although life is tough. Question is, would you willing to swallow the unusual life beats?

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